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Are you an aspiring writer or someone already skilled and looking to publish books? Whether you are new to this profession or have been writing for years, you need a reliable publishing company. One of the most common questions new authors have is how to check a book publisher’s reputation. With so many publications available today and unsolicited deals to publish your novel, it can be tricky to trust. A new author can benefit from asking questions on social media or in blog comments. However, double-checking with more reliable sources is always a good idea before working with a publisher. 

5 Benefits of Publishing Through Trusted Companies

It’s an exciting feeling to see your name for the first time in a book. As your paper starts, you foresee all the benefits of being released by a trusted media outlet. Your efforts have paid off!

However, you might be there yet. Working with publications may be worthwhile. Continue reading below to find out reasons why you should. 

1. More readers means more customers

A trusted publication has a large number of readers. More readers will learn about your work if it is more visible. Some become devoted followers, and some sooner or later become clients. Posting an article in a reputable publication yields ten to one hundred times more than those that aren’t. 

2. You establish instant credibility

Trust is hard to gain, particularly in the Digital world. How do you gain immediate credibility? Simple! By informing others about who or what your affiliates are. It’s the same concept as warming up to strangers when they are associated with something you know. It’s similar to how you feel when you find out someone went to the same school or organization as you.

3. You can network with other startups

Businesses have a greater chance to find and connect with you after being featured on a high-traffic site. Companies that see a fit with both their services and your audience relate to collaborating closely. You may get approaches about paid potentials such as advisory, writing, or joining forces on a project.

4. The publication process provides you with helpful experience

When you contribute to a trusted publication, you often have the opportunity to work with professional editors who provide helpful feedback. Editorial staff assists contributors in preparing their work for publication.

5. You get more visibility in other publications

Working with trusted and reputable publications makes it easier to gain recognition and visibility with other prominent publications. 


  1. I’m a published Author already. How can you assist me with my current book sales or promotion?

    • Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your current book sales and promotion. As an already published author, we understand the importance of maximizing exposure and reaching a wider audience. We’re excited to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your goals and boosting the success of your book.

      Please let us know your availability for a phone call or a meeting so that we can delve further into your requirements. We’re confident that with our expertise and resources, we can help you maximize the success of your book.

      Talk to you soon!

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