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Book Illustration Services

Bring your story to life with stunning illustrations.

At Author’s Tranquility Press, we understand that illustrations can play a vital role in the success of a book. They can help to capture the reader’s imagination, convey the author’s message, and make the book more visually appealing.

That’s why we offer a wide range of book illustration services to our authors. We work with a team of talented and experienced illustrators who can create illustrations in a variety of styles, from traditional to digital.

Black & White

Layout Information

Double Page Spread, where an illustration crosses the inner fold and extends to the facing page is considered as two (2) illustrations and has to be purchased as such. If you would like some of your illustrations to be laid out on a Double Page Spread, please note and number them accordingly. Please take note of the number of illustrations allotted for you as based on your Publishing Package.

Story text below image.

Story text above image.

Types of Illustrations

Depending on your budget and the level of detail you require in your images, illustrations can be drawn as either:

A single Illustration Enhancement - $99

Illustration Enhancement: enhances the Illustration of the book.

Illustration Enhancement Sample 1
Illustration Enhancement Sample 2

Level 1 Illustration - $219

Include flat colours, consist of simple, clean line art and simple details. (similar to coloring book art) and then colored digitally with one-dimensional solid colors. Contains no shading or highlights

Level 2 Illustration - $250

Consist of medium detail line art and then colored digitally with some minimal
shading and highlighting for a bit more of a three-dimensional look.

Level 3 Illustration - $319

A higher level of detail in the line art and has high levels of shading, highlighting, and blending for a three-dimensional look. This is the only level where the art can be colored either digitally or with a watercolor or colored pencil effects.

The steps involved in the book illustration services.



In this first phase the illustrator works on a sketches, beginning with a sketch/line drawing in black and white, which your submissions representative will send you for review upon completion.


Author Revision (if needed)

In the next phase you can request the illustrator make changes to the sketches as needed, as long as it does not completely differ from the original description, and a revised draft will then be sent to you for approval.


Revised sketches & Final line art

All revised sketches and final line art will be sent to you for approval at one time. (This is the best time to make revisions to your illustrations.)


Author approval

Once the revised sketches and final line art is already approve, we will proceed to the colouring stage. 


Coloured images & Author approval

Following approval of the sketches, the illustrator will finalize the illustration with colour, and you will then receive copies of your completed illustrations for review and approval.


Interior design & Author approval

Once you approve of all your coloured illustrations, we will proceed to the interior and cover design. At this point the illustrator will finalize the images for print and send to author for approval.

Here are some additional details about our Book Illustration Services

We hope this answers your questions about the publishing process. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

The timeline for your illustrations will vary based on illustration complexity,
nwnber of illustrations, and the time it takes you to submit your revisions. For
these reasons we are unable to give firm deadlines for completion but the
estimate illustrations process can take up to 4 months or longer to complete.

Reference images or sketches to better explain your description may be submitted along with the form.

We will consider the instructions you’ve written as definite and final. You will be given two free rounds of corrections but anything beyond that will be charged with the following fees. If the changes require restarting the illustration, there will be a fee to do so. Extra sketch revision round costs are as follows:

  • 1 Illustration Correction ( Illustration Enhancement) – $20
  • 1 Illustration Correction ( Level 1 Illustration ) – $40
  • 1 Illustration Correction ( Level 2 Illustration ) – $60
  • 1 Illustration Correction ( Level 3 Illustration) – $120
If you are an author who is interested in working with us, contact us today.


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