The Advantages of Printed Books Over Online Books for Millennials

With the rise of modernization, digitalization follows right after. Does this mean reading printed books is already a thing of the past? To some, it can be a yes, but people still need the old saying- old is gold. It has been theorized that handling and reading physical books has always been beneficial compared to digital learning materials and e-books. May it be mentally, physically, and psychologically. Let’s tackle more on this as we go along the following points of this article.

Benefits of Reading Physical Books

Improved Memory

Reading physical books makes one well-rounded and knowledgeable about anything and everything. It opens one’s mind to new things and ideas from a global perspective. It also enhances one’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. Studies have shown that readers are good at recalling information when needed.

Increase focus and concentration

Children between the ages of three to five become better readers by reading physical books because they promote concentration and focus. The printed books go with other digital readers across all ages. With the internet at our fingertips, we pay less attention to reading and processing what we read.

Reduced Stress Levels

Whether for leisure or brain thrill adventures, reading is a form of escapism from the stressful world of reality. It can be a form of relaxation and entertainment and, most of all, help improve one’s mental well-being.

Enhanced Empathy and Creativity

Scientific study says holding a book in one’s hand enables the reader to absorb better information and improves emotional areas such as empathy and understanding of one’s relationship with others.

Better Cognitive Function

This benefit of reading books helps readers to process information more effectively and efficiently. It also enhances one’s ability to think critically, evaluate information and make well-thought decisions.


Indeed, innovation has a significant impact on our lives today. It can be good for our growth, but there should be other reasons for us to remember our past. Although the internet has a lot to offer, we can acknowledge that traditional books are still helpful, especially for millennials. Nothing compares to the original. 

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