iPITCH Campaign


iPITCH offers a next generation platform for creators of original pitches for TV, Film & Digital Media to share in our marketplace with Entertainment Industry Professionals. Pitch your idea for a Movie, Screenplay, Television Show, Short Film, New Media Project and more.


Looking for a way to pitch your idea for a television show or movie?



  • Discovery Studios, Discovery Network, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, CBS, GSN, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Echo Lake Entertainment, Relativity Television, WEtv, Authentic Entertainment, Forman Productions, Infinity Media Inc., Little Studio Films, Leftfield Pictures, Leftfield Entertainment, Madrik Multimedia, Buck Productions, Gurney Productions, Pogo Pictures, Smoke and Mirrors Creative, Pandemonium Films, Neon TV, Thunderball Films, Nooch Media, 2C Media ISM Entertainment, Brian Graden Media, Outpost Entertainment, Treadmill Productions.



Author's Tranquility Press LLC

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