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What Separate You From The Pack

When it comes to launching your book into a competitive market, media attention is crucial. With a professionally prepared Publicity Campaign Services to announce your book to the media, we’ll help you get noticed.


We'll help you get noticed.

If you require more than what our both marketing and publishing services provide, you can upgrade your design, marketing, and a variety of other services.

What Separate You From The Pack

Price varies depending on preferred distribution channels. Contact your Branding Consultant to inquire.

What Separate You From The Pack

Author’s Tranquility Press has a large database of radio and television stations, newspapers, and online news sources from which we will compile a list of at least 500 U.S. and foreign media outlets who will receive your publicity campaign.

These services are timeless and essential to any successful publicity campaigns.


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Digital Pro
This light themed website was created using multiple page layout and designed around his book with customized logo.
Online Presence
PaulTrittinBooks.com was created using a single page layout with dark theme and customized logo. Design was based on his books.
Online Presence
This light themed single page layout was designed to showcase her books. Customized logo and email address associated with her chosen domain name.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Integrative Package elevates your book that will be having an all-inclusive services including substantive editing to enhance the quality of your manuscript. To help build an online presence, create a fanbase, and market your book, this package will help you build your own author’s website to help you in fulfilling your dreams and getting noticed.

Our best seller package, will be having professional cover design and interior layout included, as well as distribution in paperback, hardcover, and major ebook platforms. We assist you in developing a book marketing strategy with our press release service.Ā 

Our in-house interior and graphic designers will create your book’s front and back covers as well as the interior layout of your book’s. This package covers worldwide distribution of paperbacks to 40,000+ booksellers.

Authors that have their own illustrations will benefit from the Professional package. We offer editing services to polish your content as well as marketing assistance accross social media platforms.

The Contemplation package includes design and distribution. You will receive a professional book cover layout with professional interior template that looks stunning and is available in all formats through mainstream sales channels. This package is ideal for people who do not require assistance with illustrations, editing, or publicity.