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In today’s relevant data environment, getting yourself or your business into the media spotlight and staying there has never been more difficult. A minute in the media can make or break anyone, from upcoming artists and internet personalities to marketing manages and CEOs. However, most people have a poor understanding of how the media works or how to present themselves in an interview.


Appearing on live television is unquestionably one of the most efficient ways to promote your book or communicate with a large audience. Broadcast media, such as a TV interview, exposes you to a large number of eyes and ears, improving the visibility of your work.

Reach a new audience of readers with these services included:

  • Interview will be made available for free rebroadcasting on the internet.
  • Participated Interview with Experience TV Hosts from PTWWN TV and Spotlight TV 365.
  • A fascinating news release about the book will be created by a professional writer and will be delivered directly to readers and on the internet, with global integration via Google News.
  • Interviews are uploaded and will be featured in Author’s Tranquility Press website.
  • A copy of the interview will be given to the author for marketing purposes.
  • Interview will be made available to television networks for broadcast



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