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About Author's Tranquility Press LLC

Author's Tranquility Press LLC, serve as the authors’ ultimate book publicity partner.

Simply running ads isn’t enough. This is where we, at Author’s Tranquility Press LLC, come into the picture. We advise our authors on the best deals available in the market and offer the services most suitable to their needs. We craft programs or campaigns that connect directly with the audience and bring excitement among our authors and readers.

We are results-oriented. Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about most.

We believe in a world where effective advertising creates ultimate results that lead to the discovery of great stories worldwide. We aim to help authors leverage advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and to drive book demand among the target readers. Whether you’re an established author or a new contender in the publishing industry, our team strives to fulfill your dreams by providing the best marketing tools while giving a new avenue for learning. Our goal is to be an ultimate publicity agency for self-published authors delivering premier results.


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